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Heike is of European descent, has worked in various parts of the world and now resides in Los Alamos, near Santa Fe N.M.

Throughout her life she has been combining her desire to work with children and people of all ages, offering her gift of implementing the natural holistic approach to the overall Lifestyle and Well-being.

Heike has had a full and very versatile career following her dreams of enjoying a very successful Professional Dancing Career, in Classical Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary Dance. 
While embarked on a professional path to become a child psychologist, she decided to listen to her child-within and her heart’s desire to pursue a strenuous dancing career touring the world in major productions and musicals. She faced a challenge of catching up with dancers who danced since early childhood, but that did not discourage her.

Heike’s exceptional talent, drive, determination and immense discipline allowed her to enter the dance world in her teens, catch up and still achieve great success in the dance and Theater. Her creative vision and love for music allows her to immerse herself  in story-telling and self-expression in the art of choreography.

Her life-experience left Heike with firsthand knowledge how one’s desire and willpower can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. She shares that perspective and disposition with her clients, when encouraging them to realize that it is absolutely never too late to reach optimal physical condition and feel healthy, alive and empowered.

Her philosophy is, to mend the fragmented pieces of what it means to be human and helping her clients, putting the pieces back to being whole. 

Through her travels , she gained professional  knowledge and experience in how to keep in impeccable physical shape, eat healthy and remain uninjured and strong.
Soon her method became popular among her peers and she created her own method of    Dynamic Stretching and Dance & Conditioning Programs as well as her latest endeavors of Wellness Guidance Programs

Returning to the world of Wellness she decided to pursue a degree in Psychology and behavior study in addition to her: Degree in Early Childhood Education

Heike worked in social settings as Youth Counselor, Integrative Coach and Facilitator of Relaxation Therapies.

She received her Master Degree in Naturopathy from Clayton College.

Extensive continuing education in Massage Therapy techniques such as Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy and additional study in Neuromuscular and Kinesiology Work, Neck-Release, Pregnancy Massage and Spa Treatments.

Heike is a Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist here in New Mexico and has been a Certified Licensed Massage Therapist for 23 years in Las Vegas, NV & N.M. 

She further expanded her knowledge with intensive study in Placement, Stretching and Alexander Technique and enjoyed a popular following in private practice with chiropractors at world renowned Resorts and Spas. She continues to refine her skills, adding continuous knowledge to her repertoire to help her clients even more. 

Over the last 30 years, she has studied, taught, choreographed and performed dance in various venues and specialized in Ballet and Jazz and has been teaching at UNLV in 2003, New Mexico Dance Theater in Los Alamos from 2012 - 2016. Heike has worked at NDI in Santa Fe teaching workshops and classes in 2016 - 2017 and choreographing individually for students until 2019. 

She is still resuming her passion in teaching dance, choreographing and working with Individuals attain their Personal Goals in Los Alamos and Santa Fe.

She joined the Team of highly skilled Massage Therapists at the

World-Renown Spa, "Ten Thousand Waves" in Sept. 2017 - March, 2020.

Heikewellnessmethod was established in Feb. 2017 and her office is located in Los Alamos, NM, where she provides a variety of services in Massage Therapy, Wellness Guidance Programs, Dance, Choreography, Postural Alignment and Dynamic Stretching for her clients. 

Heike has developed an incredible body awareness through the years of dance, learning about health, people and comprehensive bodywork to approach a person from exactly where everyone is.  Heike's unique holistic approach serves many clients on a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental level. 

Heike is an Ordained Minister since the beginning of Dec. 2020 with the "Universal Life Church", which basic beliefs are rooted in:

  1. Do only that which is right.

  2. Every individual is free to practice their religion however they like as long as their actions do not impinge upon the rights or freedoms of others and are in accordance with the law.

Implementing the freedom to protect everyone's sovereignty and encouragement of free will based on the laws of cause and effect.

Heike became a Certified ISSA Nutrition Coach in 2023 and is coaching clients in Nutrition. Her program is geared toward educating her clients about nutrition and healthy eating habits with creating goal-oriented plans that are realistic to implement. 

She works privately and specializes in personal, easy and manageable approach bringing fast results and an optimistic outlook and an overall sense of well-being to people everywhere.

Heike's dedication, passion and goal

for each individual client is, to help YOU,

become the "Best Version of Yourself"

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