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Wellness Mentorship Program

Our Mentorship encourages you to take charge of your health & well-being to being autonomous in your decisions & healthy habits.

 Healthy dietary choices and habits,

exercise, good sleep, mental clarity and emotional balance set the stage for a balanced life that is build on a strong and disciplined foundation leading to success. 

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Nutrition Coaching

Learn how to make good, lasting and healthy nutritional choices and reap the benefits of loosing weight, decreasing inflammation and feeling better. 

Swedish Massage

Intentional Massage Therapy

& Intuitive Bodywork

Swedish Massage,   Deep Tissue Massage,   Sports Massage,   Pregnancy Massage, 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage,   Chakra Balancing,    Myofascial Release,

Deep-relaxing-head-neck treatment - Yasuragi,    Japanese Foot Massage - Ashi Amma

Dynamic Mindful Stretching

Systematic isolation of specific muscles to flex, loosen and elongate, using breath, body awareness and proper postural alignment to relieve muscular tension. 

Yoga Practice
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