Wellness Guidance Program

In our Wellness Guidance Program, we are creating a program tailored to your needs, life-style and goals and challenges you might face by yourself. We are here to help you 

"Be the Best Version of Yourself".

It's a simple concept, but every day, when we strive to be our best and tackle the day, with all it contains to the best of our abilities.

Yet life still presents us with challenges and adversities so called "stressors", settling in our muscles as tension, stiffness, rigidity and "pain". 

Every dis-ease is a reflection of what is going on in our lives and how we deal with it. 

It is asking us to go within, finding peace and trusting the process; it is 

calling for us to be flexible, agile and adaptive. 

Stress :"a state of mental or emotional strain or tension, resulting from adverse

or very demanding circumstances."

It activates the sympathetic nervous system in order to deal with

the stressors, causing physical reactions in the body.

These physical reactions in the body include: 

muscles storing emotions and muscle contraction. 

 There is a lot more to releasing this information and freeing ourselves from trauma,

pain, fear, worry, anxiety and chronic pain.

Where to start?

Healing requires a trust in being yourself and awareness who you are!

Bodywork is an imperative element of healing and offers tremendous benefits

for everyone on a broad spectrum.

Intentional Bodywork brings the client's body awareness back to the present moment,

where healing can occur. 

This is what we offer; intuitive intentional facilitation of bodywork,

balancing the chakras and the nervous system bringing

acceptance, clarity, peace, focus, mindfulness and calm to the client. 


​The individual and free expression in movement and dance incorporates

body, mind, soul and heart, creating a harmony

which cannot be achieved through one single element.

Encouraging a combination of the various modalities achieve a well-balanced state of being bringing the body, mind, soul and heart into harmony and balance.

8 Week Program: 

Individual One-on-One Sessions

Evaluation Session consists of:

Identifying eating habits, sleep patterns, nutritional intake, physiological state of body and emotional and belief patterns. 

The following 7 Sessions contain:

- Ascertain what perspective is on life and yourself. Guiding you back to your true nature.

- Weekly appointment, checking in how you are and what you have been able to integrate.

- Creating an awareness of where you are in your process, accepting and lovingly holding space for yourself.

- Intuitive Energy Work to change the vibrations in your body to a higher frequency, holding and maintaining a   

  positive Outlook on life.

- Creating a new strategy of healthier life-style habits and patterns, encouraging to integrate slowly.

- Integrating affirmations to a healthy, more balanced life. 

- Looking at your Astrology Chart to best assist how to balance your basic nature and how it relates to the current challenges and using it for your best higher self.

- Creating a plan on what to address and cover all question and concerns of the client.

12 Week Program:

This is a diving deeper into your life with a  look at patterns we are holding and what pertains to you.

This program gives the client a longer time-frame going deeper into beliefs, which are holding you back being, clearing and changing the patterns that hold you back, to be the "Best Version of Yourself".


-  Establishing healthy eating habits with a well-balanced, nutritional, healthy life-style choices

-  Increasing your breathing to support your nervous system, digestive system and muscular system for     

   optimal functioning

-  Increasing your clear thinking power and decision making process

-  Shifting perspective in order to categorize life to reach goals

-  Identifying and decreasing stressors in your life, to find the best possible solution for your circumstances. 

-  Re-connecting in your heart, encouraging deep healing to increase your motivation in life, learning about

   what difference proper nutrition makes and supports the body to its best functioning.

-  learn about how we can best support you in achieving your goals for yourself and in your life and create and

   find the discipline for yourself to implement the changes you like.

We are here to support you, working as a team, to make changes in your life to create more harmony, peace, balance and decreasing your stress-level and increasing your immune system. 

Disclaimer: The Program does not constitute medical advice. If you are on medications or substances, we ask you to clear the suggestions with a qualified clinician.

Our Nutritional and Wellness Guidance Program is based on a holistic view of the client and is a Program encouraging healthy life-style choices for body-mind-heart.