Wellness Guidance Program

In our Wellness Guidance Program, we are creating a program tailored to your needs, life-style and goals and challenges you might face by yourself. We are here to help you 

"Be the Best Version of Yourself".

8 Week Program: 

Individual One-on-One Sessions

Evaluation Session consists of:

Identifying eating habits, sleep patterns, nutritional intake, physiological state of body and emotional and belief patterns. 

The following 7 Sessions contain:

- Weekly appointment, checking in how you are and what you have been able to integrate.

- Creating an awareness of where you are in your process, accepting and lovingly holding space for yourself.

- Intuitive Energy Work to change the vibrations in your body to a higher frequency, holding and maintaining a   

  positive Outlook on life.

- Creating a new strategy of healthier life-style habits and patterns, encouraging to integrate slowly.

- Integrating affirmations to a healthy, more balanced life. 

- Looking at your Astrology Chart to best assist how to balance your basic nature and how it relates to the current challenges and using it for your best higher self.

- Creating a plan on what to address and cover all question and concerns of the client.

12 Week Program:

This is a continuation of the  8 Week Program.

This program gives the client a longer time-frame going deeper into beliefs, which are holding you back being the Best Version of Yourself.

Disclaimer: The Program does not constitute medical advice. If you are on medications or substances, we ask you to clear the suggestions with a qualified clinician.

Our Nutritional and Wellness Guidance Program is based on a holistic view of the client and is a Program encouraging healthy life-style choices for body-mind-heart. 


-  Establishing healthy eating habits with a well-balanced, nutritional, healthy life-style choices.

-  Increasing your breathing to support your nervous system, digestive system and muscular system for optimal   


-  Increasing your clear thinking power and decision making process

-  Identifying and decreasing stressors in your life, to find the best possible solution for your circumstances. 

-  Re-connecting in your heart, encouraging deep healing to increase your motivation in life, learning about what

   difference proper nutrition makes and supports the body to its best functioning.

-  earn about how we can best support you in achieving your goals for yourself and in your life. 

We are here to support you, working as a team, to make changes in your life to create more harmony, peace, balance and decreasing your stress-level and increasing your immune system.