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August 2023

A Time to Heal!

Energy Healing

After 3 years of upheaval and changes, we have had time to assimilate

some of the changes that we have been confronted with,

but how much still needs to be acknowledged, addressed, accepted and healed?

How much have we processed? The emotional struggles of the last three years have left many of us in pieces, still needing to heal from it along with everything we have been avoiding addressing.


We must remember that everything we encounter is meant for us

and helping us to learn and evolve. Realizing that will help us get out of

victim-mode and trust there is a greater vision for our lives than we can imagine.  The acceptance of this truth gives us the courage to confront

and a chance to heal.


Much of our society is geared toward production and validation,

leaving little room for individual emotional healing.

It is a vicious cycle to chase after recognition while living in mindless engagement with life. Accumulation of validation, confirmation, material things and accomplishments are based on superficial short-lived events satisfying the ego, yet leaving us empty inside.  

The constant pursuit of more leaves us feeling emotionally unfulfilled.

In the process, we forget not only who we are, but also what matters,

where do we consciously choose to spend our time and energy and

how that makes us feel.


Our lives are burdened by scars which have not been healed.

When do we have time and space to heal? Our inner peace and foundation

are based on healing past and current trauma.

How can we achieve greatness while being in this trance?

Only by doing the inner work and healing,

we can become the Best Version of Ourselves.  


Healing takes time and even aware souls are peeling layers back

throughout their whole lives. Sometimes it is helpful to engage the help

of an holistic care practitioner to tap into where more healing is required.

The investment of healing leads to greater engagement in life and the ability to enjoy life more fully. Think of the joy of a child being carefree,

in the moment and excited about life and the journey.


We deserve to heal!

Somewhere deep within sits an experience that has not been healed.

It surfaces when we least expect it, ready to be healed.

It’s up to us to allow ourselves time, space, and

stillness along with listening to our intuition to search out

those who can facilitate healing.


There are many ways to facilitate healing.

We provide facilitated healing in bodywork, support in nutrition, self-discovery, various healing techniques, facilitation and encouragement for being your authentic self.


 Contact us for more information.

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