Monthly Newsletter 

Happy Couple

In a world filled with challenges and distractions, it is easy to lose sight of ourselves and our life process. When we experience loss, betrayal and abandonment, it can be difficult to have faith and to live in our hearts. As people, places and things leave our lives, we may feel sadness and despair. This loss can leave huge holes in our hearts, while leaving us to wonder how to fill that void. The last thing we want to do is be vulnerable. Great love comes with great loss. It is important to remember that the love we had for another is never lost. It goes way beyond this physical reality in which we are finding ourselves struggling with on an every day basis.

This is the time to find our center and be the eye of the storm for ourselves. When we do this, we automatically encourage others to do and be the same. We stand strong. We stand firm. We stand in our truth.

To find our center, we need to detach from our pain-body. Breathing into the belly and trusting there is always a higher reason, which we may not yet understand, brings us back into the present moment where we can accept that there is a higher plan.  It is important to feel our emotions, but also important not to get drawn into a depth of despair where we may have a hard time coming back into the light. When we observe the way we feel, but not fall into the depth of emotions, it provides the level of detachment where we can connect with love. Everything else can fall aside.

Staying fully in the present moment is more important than ever!!! Living from the heart provides that space of peace and love. The greatest and highest emotion - Love - fills our soul and heart, and radiates out into the world affecting everyone and everything.  New energy can enter our lives leaving us feeling hopeful, grateful and loving towards one another. 

Be excited about who you are and shine your light unto others. Let your light and love radiate outward and touch others. Great and unexpected miracles can happen when we trust and stay in love. Wishing you to live in your heart!