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March 2024

Keeping Our Peace Within Chaos


View of Mt.Fuji

Life is busy, hectic, messy and full of unexpected challenges.

It is easy to loose our footing and get scattered.

Maintaining our peace within challenging circumstances is, needless to say,

not always easy. Even the most peaceful person can get overwhelmed and pushed, feeling the stress in the muscles and the body.

The mind at some point shuts down and we try to find ways to escape.

We forget to breathe and keep perspective in mind that every moment, every event and every challenge will change.


Knowing this very truth can give us perspective and we can

tap back into breathing, pausing and reminding ourselves we can get through this.

All of us reach our limits and to know when to stop is key.

Sometimes taking off a day, disconnecting from the bustle of the busy-ness

and just spending a day at home in peace, getting some good food,

sleeping in, etc. can be the most rejuvenating gift we can give ourselves.


Most of the time, nothing is so pressing that we can’t give that gift to ourselves.


It is crucial that we do honor ourselves, our body, mind, soul and spirit

to maintain our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health.

Not forgetting it takes all of that to make us whole.

Having the compassion and grace for ourselves will bring us back to

gratitude, love and present moment.

Honoring ourselves and our needs will only affect others positively.


So, honor yourself and listen to what your body tells you.

Calm down your mind and be conscious of your breathing and deep breathing.

Honor your body by giving it nourishing foods and step back from everything

- even if it is for 10min., an hour, a few hours or a day.

You’ll feel better and calmer.



Wishing you the compassion and grace you would give another to yourself!


Love and light -Heike

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