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In an ever changing world where we are bombarded with technology and information and where so much of our time is consumed with that, it's easy to loose sight of what truly matters. 

If it is not on our schedules, it probably will get very little or no attention and suddenly self-care time is close to eliminated from our daily routine.


How much do we value ourselves?

How much time do we give ourselves every day just to be ourselves?

Were do we draw the line?


Do you know how important it is to be authentically yourself in order to have peace in your mind, accepting your emotions and being balanced in your mind and body?

I imagine that most of us have a plan for the day by the time we wake up, of all the things that need to get done. That leaves very little time unless we are consciously creating time for us. 


How about waking up in the morning with peace on our mind, gratitude in our hearts and patience and kindness toward everyone or everything?


It is easy to fall into a trap of listening to everyone else instead of truly listening to ourselves and our inner wisdom.

Why is it that we look for answers outside of us when we all have them inside of us?


Our perception is shaped by our environment,

what we allow into our lives on information, 

what we believe to be true and

what others tell us. But is that real?

Our reality is what is true for us.

Does that mean that everything we see is real?

Not necessarily.

There is much illusion and deception in our everyday life,

much of which throws us off balance from the life, 

that is true and authentic for ourselves.



The key is to stay in the moment. 

Right here, right now is all we have, all which exists.

Thoughts are just that - thoughts. 

If we give them attention, they will keep us busy

with many irrelevant distractions of taking us back to the past

or hurrying into the future. 



When we stay present in our mind, our body feels more solid, grounded, centered and we can feel if something is off.

At which point, we are able to change course instead of reacting.

Feeling centered resonates in the body's innate wisdom,

bringing all systems back into homeostasis. 

Nothing else can co-exist. 


The holistic body-mind-spirit connection takes practice.

It is something you can do for yourself and your self-care every day.




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