Monthly Newsletter 

August Newsletter

Love for others without judging another.

Healthy Detachment and

Reconnecting with Ourselves.

The ultimate act of kindness is to have a regard

for our fellow humans, regardless of their race, color, upbringing, social status, religion and beliefs.

We all have different life experiences, that shape us.

Why would we judge another?

We should have the same regard for ourselves as for another.

What right do we have to judge another? 


Everyone's experiences are different.

No person's life is the same as another.

We count our blessings and perhaps have been lucky. 

It is my belief, that we all have come into this life,

learning lessons our soul needs to experience.

Without judgment, we learn to listen to

our internal guidance and gaining strength in the process. 


In times when we are disconnected from ourselves,

we feel misunderstood and take everything personally.

We forget to have compassion,

understanding and regard for another,

because we're too caught up in our own story.

It doesn't have to be that way...


We have free will to make a different choice.

We can choose to pause, look inside at what is bothering us and move away from judging the other.


We can practice "healthy detachment".

Deeper truths get exposed when we step back

from our story and see our own energies and emotions.

We are only triggered by others

when we avoid looking at our internal world.


Practicing healthy detachment helps us to keep our power and helps us to access our inner wisdom of that, so that we heal.

It supports us in holding love for others and ourselves.




Massage therapy gives us the break by slowing down, calming the mind, coming back into our body and re-connecting with who we are at our very core. 


It supports and enhances the relief of stress, anxiety, and depression and improves mental state, bringing emotional balance and well-being together.



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