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Your individual Session now available through Skype!!!



Dynamic Stretching principles are based on

Alexander technique.

Alexander technique incorporates: 

- proper aligned posture coupled

- with deep relaxed breathing,

- comfortable posture with

- a body-mind-awareness

relaxing the body to its optimal state of being.


Proper Alignment depends to proper support of the body and the positioning it’s placed in. 

Awareness of the proper alignment is learned by muscle memory, which indicates repetition of the movement for the muscles and the spine to remember the movement.


Deep Relaxed Breathing is achieved by supported by breathing into the stomach, while expanding the lower back cavity. Deep breathing deeply will help eliminate Stress, Anxiety, Anger and Fear while supplying the body with necessary oxygen to supply the body’s function and brain on all levels. 


The Mindful Practice of moving through the movement is almost like meditation where one’s awareness of every muscle, the spine and the tissues are engaged from a strong core. 

Developing a strong core and core muscles is essential to support this technique, bringing the best results to the client. 

Fatigue through improper posture is most common, compromising concentration and creating tension in the body. Over a prolonged period of time, the tension settles into the body as a “normal” state of being. Without removing ourselves out of the situation and practicing mindful changes in body, mind and spirit, it creates a vicious cycle of more stress.

Psychosomatic symptoms can surface, creating dis-ease in some form or another. f the body hurts, we hurt. If the mind and heart are hurt, we feel those emotions in the body. They manifest in the muscles, where emotions are stored.

​Dynamic Stretching incorporates and active and passive approach of postural alignment, elongating muscles, breathing and working through the natural range of motion. Join me and us in this gentle method, Heike has developed over years of experience working with chiropractors, dancers, artists, musicians, people with injury-related problems, improper posture, imbalanced muscular structure, elderly, athletes and as many people as she can reach.

Here is one of our client's testimonial:

"Heike's Skype Stretch classes have been life changing for me, especially during this pandemic.  I have lower back issues and utilize both massage therapy and chiropractic care.  When we shut down the first time, I started having horrible lower back spasms and didn't have the option of seeing the chiropractor or going to Heike for a massage.  The alternative was Heike's Skype sessions.  Since I have started these sessions, I no longer have lower back pain, my core is getting stronger and it is a much needed stress release from my weekdays of working from home and homeschooling.  Not only do I get a full body workout and stretch but it also allows me to take an hour out of my day for just me.  When allowed, I also take the time out to fit in a massage once a month to experience a much more productive release of tension in my muscles.  


I would highly recommend this to anyone, especially stressed out moms who, at this point, have very little time or options for yoga classes or workouts at the gym.  "

- Catherine, Dec. 4th, 2020

Why is it important to stretch?

Have you sat too long at your desk, at the computer or for long periods of time?

Are you stiff from every day life, from an injury, arthritis or have imbalance due to repetition and stress of certain muscles and joints? Do you exercise a lot, lifting weights or never stop? Do you feel your muscles stiff, have no or little flexibility? Do you have anxiety, stress or emotional tension manifesting in your body? Has your heart had a chance to heal through emotional trauma or turmoil? Do you disregard how you feel, what your intuition tells you and how it changes your perception in life?

Dynamic Stretching is a wonderful tool bringing body-mind-heart into a balance.


It increases flexibility, range of motion, dealing with stress, improving oxygen supply and injury prevention.

Tones the body, strengthens and elongates muscles, increases flexibility, improves breathing, posture and well-being.

The mind-body-spirit connection creates an awareness, which can be integrated into every aspect of your life, helping with concentration, insomnia, headaches, muscle tension, anxiety, stiffness, muscular imbalance and chronic pain and stress.

Dynamic Stretching uses the whole body and gently tones it just like in pilates or yoga and is created for all ages. 

Physiology of Stress:

When confronted with stress, the body tenses, breathing becomes fast and shallow, blood pressure rises, fats and sugars are released and cholesterol levels climb. This response helped primitive humans survive when they faced lions, tigers and bears. Today, when confronted with traffic jams, conflicts at home or work, and other modern stress factors, our bodies experience the same response as our primitive ancestors did when threatened by wild animals.

A state of continual stress eventually weakens the body, lowers immune response, creates high blood pressure, raises blood cholesterol and initiates such conditions as sleeplessness, headaches, depression and even more serious problems.

Breathing: Becoming aware of the Oxygen-Flow:

Inadequate oxygen supply, or disturbed oxygen flow creates disturbances in the nervous system and imbalance in the body in its whole.

Deep breathing allows the muscles to elongate and relax into a normal state balancing the homeostasis in the body, as well as increasing your flexibility by use of natural gravity. 


Postural Alignment:

Key to proper facilitation of stretching is the Structural Postural Alignment of the body. Dynamic Stretching supports all structures of the body by using the Alexander Technique, which is based on proper alignment of the skeletal system. This is in conjunction of re-training the muscles to achieve the best possible support for the body as well as results in performance, posture and well-being.

Stretching on a Mat
Pilates Exercise

Stretching and Alignment Placement:

15 min. assisted Stretching                          $ 35.-  (can be added to your Massage Therapy

                                                                                    appointment under "book online".)

25 min. Individual Guided Stretching         $ 60.-   (Online)

50 min Private Stretch Class                       $ 105.-  (Online)

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