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Improving your health with:

Nutrition Coaching!

Learn how to make good, lasting and healthy nutritional choices and reap the benefits of loosing weight, decreasing inflammation and feeling better. 

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What is a Nutrition Coach?

- Providing nutrition advice and information.

- Understanding Diets and how they work.

- Educational support regarding the elements of nutrition.

- The role of nutrition in the body.

- How food is converted into energy and understanding the process.

- Answer questions regarding nutrition.

- Create a plan for you to achieve your nutrition goals. 

- Meal Planning and learning about nutritional values.

- Assisting you in building a strong foundation and confidence

in making healthy choices for your body and health. 

- Maintenance and Progress Evaluations.

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Introductory Offer:

*Price:  $ 999.-    

12 weekly 60min.  Sessions

plus 60min. Evaluation Session

(* Taxes are included)


Healthy Morning

Diets, Trends
and understanding them.

We all have questions on

how to loose weight and what is sustainable for me.

In this part of the course we will address the different diets,  what they are,

how they work and

if they are sustainable. 

Macronutrients and Micronutrients:

Our body needs fuel to live. 

What we put into our body is crucial for proper functioning. 

Here, we are addressing the importance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, 

where to get them from, the amounts and the options for different preferences in nutritional choices. 

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Weight Loss, achieving it
and maintaining it. 

Have you ever wondered why 

you're not loosing weight? 

Why certain diets may work for a short amount of time?

Why not create a lifestyle that supports your good nutritional choices and achieving your goals while being autonomous and

enjoying tangible results.


Where does it come from and

what it means.

Which foods create inflammation? 

Why is it important to make healthy choices to decrease inflammation?

What does it have to do with your gut health, weight loss and overall health?

Here we help you understand the effects of food choices and why you might opt for better choices for your health. 


What micronutrients are not found in food, but needed for optimal health and cell health. Why consider supplements and what is the DRA for each. 

Learn about understanding what the body needs and what sources to get it from. 

Finishing Line

Goals and how to achieve them.

We are here to clarify your goals, help you implement them into your life, understanding choices and results and helping you create the lifestyle that will leave you feeling getter, healthier and more vibrant. 

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