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Be The BEST Version of YOU!

Our Services:

- Wellness Mentoring Program

- Nutritional Coaching

- Intentional Massage Therapy

Heikewellnessmethod is based on the approach to see and address Health and Well-being holistically. Human beings are not individual parts of one area, but the sum of it all.

Therefore it takes a holistic approach to integrate every aspect of our life into our complex and delicately balanced physiological body while respecting the mind, heart and soul. 

Many of us fall short of knowing what it is to be authentically ourselves and are lost in the fragments of our being, never really bringing it all together.

What if I told you that you can be completely and authentically Yourself?

What if you would have permission to be Yourself?

What if I told you that You are enough?

What if you would have all the tools to navigate through any challenges in your life?


 We are here to guide you to find balance in your

mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Our modalities are designed to improve your health and Well-being. 

Be the authentic YOU, who you are. 

 Being the BEST you can be,

is a matter of feeling your Best by creating

and maintaining a balance between Body, Mind, Soul and Heart:

To be: "The Best Version of Yourself."

Mini Wellness Mentoring Recharge

Are you tired, stressed, exhausted and burned out? Lacking direction, are overwhelmed and unfocused?

Come and explore our

7-day Mini Wellness Recharge 

Program to get a taste of what changing your life can look and feel like.

6 days -

20min Sessions for only 

$ 199.-

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Enroll NOW

Wellness Mentoring Program

Learning Strategies to improve your health and Well-being by:

Establishing healthy eating habits  and behaviors - Increasing your breathing to support your nervous system and slowing your heart rate for de-stressing - addressing and supporting your digestive system - learning how to decrease inflammation with healthy nutritional choices - decreasing stress in your muscular emotional system - increasing Mental Clarity - Learning about the four quadrants of urgency to shift your Perspective - 

De-stressing - Increasing your Heart-Connection and staying in Personal Authenticity - Increasing your Personal Power and Using Creativity to enjoy Life.

Nutrition Coaching

Learn how Nutrition affects everything in your life.

Learn life long strategies to improve your nutrition habits, to feel better,

improve your Well-being, increase energy, decrease inflammation,

increase sleep patterns and loose weight.

Enjoy the journey of learning to understand your body and nutritional choices and how to gain autonomy over your decisions. This self-empowering program is designed and tailored to each individual's needs and goals. 

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Massage Therapy

Intentional Massage Therapy is a broader approach than conventional Massage Therapy. Bodywork approaches the whole person instead of just the body. This approach helps you to allow your body to drop into the comfort of knowing you are cared for in a safe and professional setting. 

In this setting, we offer:


Swedish Massage,   Deep Tissue Massage,​   Sports Massage,    Pregnancy Massage,

Lymphatic Drainage Massage,   Chakra Balancing,    Myofascial Release,

Deep-relaxing-head-neck treatment - Yasuragi,    Japanese Foot Massage - Ashi Amma

Swedish Massage
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