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Be The BEST Version of YOU!

What if I told you that you can be completely and authentically Yourself?

What if you would have permission to be Yourself?

What if I told you that You are enough?

My Wellness Programs will bring You There!

It's a simple concept, but every day, when we strive to be our best and tackle the day, with all it contains to the best of our abilities.

Yet life still presents us with challenges that are not planned,

not anticipated, nor foreseen, so called "stressors".

Stress :"a state of mental or emotional strain or tension

resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances."

activates the sympathetic nervous system to deal with

the stressors, causing physical reactions in the body.


These physical reactions in the body include

muscles storing emotions and muscle contraction. 

Even when we deal with emotions on a logical level,

the muscles are holding that emotional information,

information we think we can rationalize away.

 There is a lot more to releasing this information and freeing ourselves from trauma,

pain, fear, worry, anxiety and chronic pain.

Where to start?

Healing requires a trust of being yourself and awareness where you stand in life.

Bodywork is an imperative element of healing and offers tremendous benefits

for everyone on a broad spectrum.

It brings the client's body awareness back to the present  moment,

where healing can occur. Healing incorporates the mind, body and soul. 

This is what we offer; intuitive facilitation of bodywork,

balancing chakras and the nervous system to bring clarity,

calm and a "new normal" to the client. 

​The individual and free expression in movement and dance incorporates

body, mind, soul and heart, creating a harmony

which cannot be achieved through one single element.

It requires for body, mind, soul and heart to be in harmony and balance. 

Be the authentic YOU,  who you are. 

 Being the BEST you can be,

is a matter of feeling your best by creating

and maintaining a balance between body, mind, soul and heart.

That results in being confident, loving yourself

and standing in life fully and presently aware.


That is exactly what Heikewellnessmethod focuses on and facilitates 

to incorporate all of Life's dynamics and helps you to be:

"The Best Version of Yourself."