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Wellness Walk Program

Woman in Nature

Every day in life and current circumstances, we get overwhelmed with information, media and a social environment asking us to take sides or make decisions.

Most of them are not urgent and not immediate, but we are allowing our outside life to influence our inner life, robbing us of our peace, becoming fragmented and disoriented. 

When life is tumultuous on the outside, it throws us off balance, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our perception in life seems, life is treacherous and unsurmountable.

We are finding ourselves in pieces and not knowing where to start to bring back order into our lives. 

Most of us will say "I have no time" or "I can't make time for myself", when in fact,

we need to create time to respect our humanness, our own time in processing events in life and that everyone is on their own timeline.

We deserve to take care of ourselves, we deserve true heart-connections and we deserve to have peace. 

There are many ways of dealing with stressors in our lives and yet, very few explore anything

out of the ordinary and customary.

The human experience is a holistic one, which involves the body, mind, spirit and heart.

One cannot be addressed while the others are disregarded.

Many of us have disconnected from one or more of them in order to "cope" or "hide" in a whole world where we can feel safe. We can only feel safe within ourselves if it comes from a true belief from within and our connection with the divine universe.

The illusion of being separate from the universe leaves us fragmented and in fear.

Connecting with our innate trust, our authenticity and our inner wisdom

by re-connecting with our body, mind, spirit and heart,

we can bring ourselves back to balance and remain peaceful in the most challenging situations. 

Our Wellness Walk Program will give you the benefits of working synergistically with your physical and mental energies, while breathing, reconnecting with yourself, your heart and

the divine wisdom of nature and the universe. 

The Program entails:

Weekly 55min. walks in nature, deep breathing exercises, stillness, re-connecting with the stress in your body while learning techniques to purge it, re-centering yourself and re-connecting with your heart!

Learn the tools to achieve and maintain this invaluable lesson today! 

Try our 8-week Program at a affordable price of $ 699.- 

(Taxes & Fees included)

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